If I tell you Copacabana, the Calanques of Marseille, the Molitor swimming pool or the municipal swimming pool where you learned to swim when you were just a kid… What comes to mind? Of course, the swimsuit … Dive into the deep end with the essential piece of summer fabric cut, features and recommended brands to help you choose your swimsuit .

How to recognize a quality swimsuit?

The fabric and cut of the swimsuit

For a long time, the swimsuits sold were made of elastane and polyamide. But elastane has difficulty resisting chlorine and salt , so a new material has appeared: polyester . Less elastic than elastane but more resistant to chlorine, it has become the flagship material. Thanks to this one, you will feel like a fish in water!

swimsuit for men fabric

Several swimsuit cuts exist to allow you to swim as well as Florent Manaudou:

  • swimming trunks are the tightest of all. If you have an athletic figure, with a well -defined waist , it will be your best ally to highlight it. In addition, the resistance of the briefs makes them the ideal swimsuit for practicing intense water sports .
  • boxers having the particularity of being close to the body, they also mold your shape and reduce friction .
  • swim shorts are the most casual of all. If you don’t want a tight swimsuit, you will definitely be interested in it, like the following one.
  • the boardshorts are the loosest of all. And therefore the most comfortable .

The main characteristics of the swimsuit

Edgard has listed the essential characteristics for you to ensure that your swimsuit is not only functional, durable , but also comfortable and suitable for all the water and beach activities that may concern you.

We start with support and maintenance . For maximum comfort, your swimsuit must include an elastic waistband with a drawstring or even a net to hold your private parts. We also talk about an inner lining to provide additional support and avoid transparency when your swimsuit is wet.

men's swimsuit shorts

To make your swimsuit resistant to chlorine and UV rays , there are treatments that can prolong the color’s durability. These treatments also help protect the skin from the sun’s rays.