Are you hungry to get out and experience something? But do not really know where to go in the winter? Denmark is not so boring even in winter – not at all when the snow falls, as it has done in January and also seems to do in February.

Like many others, we have a great desire to travel, and now that Covid-19 is preventing us from getting to other destinations, it has forced us into the Danish winter country. It has been a big surprise, which is why this guide is coming, so you can also get out and have some good experiences, even if the temperature is not exactly warm.

Where are you going to go to Denmark in the winter?

We live right up and down Herning and therefore do not have far to the West Coast or Thy, where we especially like to go both summer and winter.

Lyngvig Lighthouse

Lyngvig Lighthouse is one of our favorite destinations in Denmark. This is because you are greeted here by an impressive dune landscape and a beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. There is plenty of space to frolic, even when the weather is good and many people are attracted to it.

Lyngvig Lighthouse

Not far away you can also find bunkers on Houvig Strand or eat an ice cream (in summer) in Søndervig, while looking at cozy cottages in the dunes. It is generally a very nice stretch of coastline, which we highly recommend to go to.


Bagges Dam

Only ten minutes drive from Lyngvig you will find Bagges Dæmning in a very beautiful and scenic area in Ringkøbing Fjord. The dam is a connection between Holmsland and Holmlandsklit and was actually made in its time to drain the area and create more land for agriculture as well as create an easier connection across Ringkøbing Fjord.

Bagges Dam

The idea dates back to 1844 by Søren Hansen Bagge. However, the dam was initially unsuccessful as it collapsed after a storm only one year after it was taken into use. Ringkøbing Skjern Municipality chose in 2016 to complete the project to the great joy of nature lovers like us, who can now cross the Fjord and enjoy the fantastic landscape.

Vigsø Coastal Battery

The west coast is something very special, and we must also admit that Vigsø Strand and the Coastal Battery are too. It is no less beautiful in winter with a layer of snow – the area only gets more beautiful from it. There are good parking facilities and plenty of space to frolic.

You do not have to go very far before you meet the remaining remnants of what during World War II served as a coastal battery.


If you have not before made your way past Bulbjerg in the north, then you must treat yourself to do so. The beautiful cliff impresses every time we see it – and in the harsh and harsh winter weather with the pressure of the wind, the cliff and the surrounding coast only become even more dramatic.

We recommend driving up here to the sunset, as it is unbelievably beautiful, and because you can thus also have it more or less for yourself. Bulbjerg is only a half hour drive from Vigsø and can be combined with advantage. Book your Denmark trip with