The skirt is one of those pieces of clothing that definitely cannot be missing in any woman’s wardrobe, since being so versatile, you can create different outfits. for the day or for the night, depending on the case.

Skirts without a doubt give women a touch of sensuality, femininity and some elegance when they wear them.

In the market there are different types of skirts , we can find them  pleated,  long,  short,  baggy,  pencil type, in short, there are an infinite number of types of skirts and they are made of different materials, which give an added bonus to this skirt. piece to wear. 

Do you want to know the types of skirts that exist in the world? Well, in the next article we will tell you a little about them and show you which one suits you the most according to your body. 

Types of skirt

Pleated skirt

These types of skirts are very similar to an accordion, since their design has pleats on the fabric. These are a kind of regular slats and can have different lengths, that is, some folds can be wider or narrower depending on the client’s taste. Due to its high demand, this type of fabric comes ready from the factory. We recommend choosing skirts made of synthetic fabric, to prevent the piece from shrinking after washing. These types of skirts give a somewhat vintage feel to your look and you can use them at any time of the year.

Circular skirt

These types of skirts are very well known since they were a fashion icon from the 50s to the 80s. They give your look an air of femininity and romanticism. They have a fairly simple but sophisticated design, they have a lot of movement and flight in the lower part, while the upper part stands out for being tighter to the body. The fabrics used to make them are generally flowy and move when you walk. 

Draped skirt

This model has a quite particular design and it gives a somewhat wrinkled effect, but it fits perfectly to the body. These types of skirts should be used with care, since they provide a lot of volume and are not the best option if what you are looking for is styling.  

A-line skirt

These types of skirts are also known as A-line skirts. Their design is characterized by the fact that at the top it starts quite tight at the waist and gradually widens to the bottom of the piece. It is a skirt that cannot be worn below the knees since it is somewhat short so that the model can be seen better. It is a basic skirt type and very established in the market that appeared in the fashion of the 60s without a doubt to stay. 

Which one suits you best according to your body type?

Now, in the following lines we will give you some tips to take into account so that you know what types of skirts  suit you best according to your body.

If you want your legs to look a little longer and more stylized, you can use an A-line or A-line skirt. These types of skirts will greatly help you look much taller. This effect can be better appreciated if you complement this skirt with high-heeled shoes. The type A skirt is excellent for short women.

Miniskirts or super short skirts are recommended for women with long and thin legs, as it helps to stylize their figure much more. If you want to hide the thinness of your legs a little, we recommend that you do not wear it with heels, it is preferable to wear low shoes such as boots or flat sandals.

On the other hand, pencil skirts are a type of skirt that is very flattering for those women who have a curvy silhouette, since by using it they will be able to highlight them and exaggerate their curvy figure much more. It is an excellent option for those thin and short women who want to give a little volume to their body.

Remember that you must choose a type of skirt that fits your figure very well and makes you look very good, without highlighting those defects that you want to hide. We advise you to buy skirts made of slightly heavy fabrics, depending on the case, so as not to suffer if the breeze lifts them up. Finally, it is important that you choose textiles that can withstand wash after wash without shrinking, which is why synthetic fabrics are your best option. You can buy all types of skirts on Shein and make yourself stylish.