Traveling around the globe does not have to be as expensive as most people think.

Especially not if you save up, find the cheapest airline ticket and travel cheaply when you leave.

Experiences and sights do not have to be expensive either. There are even plenty of options for free entertainment on the go!

Here we have found 10 activities that can be done in countless places in the world – completely free of charge.

  1. Visit a museum
  2. Go hiking
  3. Lie on the beach
  4. Visit a place of worship
  5. Look at architecture
  1. Relax in a park
  2. Go to a market
  3. Listen to guided sightseeing
  4. Observe passers-by
  5. Watch the sunset

1. Visit a museum

To our great delight, we have discovered that in many cities, efforts are being made to make history and culture accessible to all.

There are quite a few museums in the world that are free to visit, and even large museums like the Louvre in Paris and the MoMa in New York have a special day of the month where there is free admission.

If you have a student card or are under 26, there are even more museums where you can enter free of charge.

2. Go hiking

Put on your hiking boots and pack a good bag.

National parks will typically charge an entrance fee, but in many large and small cities there are good hiking trails that cost nothing.

It is an excellent way to experience new places, and you often get beautiful views and nature experiences.

Lie on the beach

Aaaah… It is wonderful to have a day at the beach with sun, sand and refreshing water.

And then it does not cost a penny!

Bring a book or listen to a podcast and you have free entertainment.

In big cities like Los Angeles, Paris or Barcelona there are beaches to visit and if it is too cold to swim, a walk back and forth can be a lovely activity.

4. Visit a place of worship

Like museums, churches, temples, mosques and synagogues are great free opportunities to explore a city.

Whether one is religious or not, these buildings are often spectacular.

In Europe there are still countless impressive churches and cathedrals, while in large parts of Asia there are the most beautiful Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Some of the most memorable places of worship for us have been the Blue Mosque in Istanbul , St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Notre Dame in Paris, and a small, very special Mexican church called Iglesia de San Juan.

5. Look at architecture

Find an area with extra exciting architecture, beautiful statues or public art.

Take time to admire skyscrapers, ancient houses, historic landmarks and fountains.

You can also be lucky enough to find art exhibitions in the city squares, or you can explore street art – for example along the outdoor gallery East Side Gallery, which adorns more than 1,000 meters of the Berlin Wall and on the walls of Georgetown in Malaysia, which is just famous for the city’s street art.

Relax in a park

Do as the locals do and use the city’s green breathing holes.

Go hand in hand with your partner or settle down with a small picnic where you can enjoy the park’s flowers and plants.

Occasionally there may even be free concerts or performances.

For example, you can easily get a half or full day to go in Central Park in Manhattan, Villa Borghese in Rome or in Singapore ‘s Gardens by the Bay .

Singapore Botanical Gardens

In Singapore’s Botanical Gardens , there are many places to sit down to relax and enjoy the park’s fine plants.

7. Go to a market

All over the world you can find unusual or cozy markets, which can be visited for free (if you do not shop!).

Whether it is a flea market, food market, fish market or all-possible market, markets are often filled with different sounds, smells and impressions.

We were completely overwhelmed by visiting the Grand Bazaar market in Istanbul , which consists of more than 4,000 small shops, and in Asia we absolutely love to snack on the many street food markets.

8. Listen to guided sightseeing

It can be difficult to get the whole historical context involved when you walk around a city yourself – or you can miss fun or interesting details.

As an alternative to a “free walking tour” (where gratuities are expected), you can download podcasts or audio files for free, which you can listen to on your phone while walking around. In this way, you can also better control the pace yourself.

For example, search on Google for “free walking tour audio” or “free guided tour audio” + “city name”, and more great options will appear.

9. Observe passers-by

Okay, technically this may not be an activity, but observing local passers-by can be a fascinating pastime – especially if you’re among a completely different culture.

It can be from a sidewalk cafe, in a park or on the edge of a fountain. Take time to just sit and let your thoughts fly.


10. Watch the sunset

It may sound cliché, but there is something very special about watching the sun go down.

At least we enjoy it every time we take the time to do it!

Whether it’s from a vantage point beyond a big city or with bare toes in the sand, it’s absolutely magical to watch a sunset.

No two are alike and it is a wonderful opportunity to stop and enjoy our beautiful world.