Gondolas, crooked streets and romance are probably what pop up when you think of Venice. But in fact, there is an even more beautiful gem 40 minutes sailing north of Venice. The island is called Burano and is perhaps the most colorful place in all of Italy. Do NOT miss this on a trip to Venice – and now we’ll tell you and show you why.

After a very stressful day in Venice with many people and a lot of noise from motorboats, we did not have high expectations for Burano. However, we had heard from several that it should be really good and less touristy – especially if you are fresh in the morning and take one of the very early boats. So we did.

The alarm clock rang at 06.00, and at 06.56 we were ready by the bus to reach the ferry 08.10 over to Burano from Fondamente Nove. It should turn out to be worth it all.

Where is Burano?

Venice is surrounded by a lot of small islands. One of these is Burano, which is 40 minutes sailing north from perhaps the most visited city in all of Italy. However, it does not feel like 40 minutes when sailing, as the view from the boat is fantastic. Incidentally, it also costs only 7.50 euros per person to take the ferry over there.

On the way to Burano you also pass Murano, which is on many tourists’ to do list when they go to Venice. The reason for this is that this is where many of the glassblowers are located. So if you want genuine Murano glasses to take home from your Italian holiday, you should take a trip to Murano on the way home from Burano.

What is Burano known for?

Unlike Murano, Burano is not known for glassblowing. In return, the island is known for its very beautiful and colorful buildings that can be found everywhere on the small island. Never before have we seen anything like it – and it was exactly colors like these that we had expected we would be greeted by around Italy.


There is not much to do in Burano besides exploring the many small and colorful side streets. It is also abundant in itself as it is a delight to the eye. It’s simply hard to get enough!

If you want to be free of Venice and the many people, you also get the Venice vibe of Burano, as the island is also filled with canals and bridges. There is just far more calm and beautiful!

When is the best time to visit Burano?

We highly recommend going to the island early in the morning. Very much like in a weekday if possible. If not, the first departures are already before sunrise – and every 20 minutes. If you are near Venice in connection with an extended weekend, there is still a good opportunity to experience the island before all other pilgrimages there after breakfast and for lunch.

Summer is obviously much busier than autumn. On the other hand, it is also warmer than what we experienced. Because we had to walk around in thick sweaters despite sunshine, as the temperature only crept up to 16 degrees. In return, we were happy to have the island to ourselves for an entire hour – it was quite magical!

Burano is clearly one of the most beautiful places we have seen in Italy . So do not deceive yourself for the opportunity if you are planning a visit to the area around Venice!