Yesterday we jumped – again and again – into one of Thailand’s major tourist traps: Elephant safari! However, it was with an ambivalent feeling that we bought the trip (it’s a shame for the poor animals!), But since none of us have sat on the neck of an elephant, we were a little curious…

ISLANDg god, how stupid was that. That was Thailand’s answer to pony riding in summerland. The mentioned “wild jungle” was closer to a large dusty parking lot with a view of a rubber plantation. The elephant was a grumpy teenager who growled long, deep and stomach-churning sounds. And the elephant attendant was a toothless one-eyed prankster who could have escaped from a freak show.

Not only that, but the day before, Martin and I had seen a program about a carnivorous insane elephant that slaughtered villages for residents. An authentic story to be sure!

Well then! I probably believe we would have jumped off up to several times during the hour-long ride if the elephant nut hadn’t strapped us in really well. We could only pray to greater powers that we were not thrown off, mast for pancakes, or ripped into thousands of pieces (TV shows can have a pretty strong effect on one’s imagination!). But we survived – again and again… And are now ready to go to Bangkok and hold CHRISTMAS EVE

Elephants in Thailand 2 Elephants in Thailand 3 Elephants in Thailand 4 Elephants in Thailand 5