Spring is turning into summer, but garden rumors shine in their absence. The spring has been so cold that all the planting work has been delayed, but now the garden is starting to wake up again. The lady already collected the first stalks of rhubarb, and some asparagus had also emerged from her box.

The tomatoes could have already been planted in the greenhouse, but since the night temperatures were only a few degrees, we didn’t dare to do that. To prevent all the seedlings from growing too tall indoors, we spread the risk, and last weekend we planted half of the seedlings in the greenhouse, and left the other half to wait.


We were already going to plant the rest on Maundy Thursday, but the day was so rainy that we ended up doing other things at home. Maybe this weekend.

Our composts have brought a lot of joy. In addition to the fact that our large garden composters produce nice mulch from the stalks of perennials and other garden waste, our thermal composter now got a better place where it is in the sun all day.

The composter that was previously located on the shady side of the cabin was still frozen for a long time, but when I moved it next to the garden composters a few weeks ago, it also started up again, and the internal temperature of the composter is comfortably around 50 degrees. The mulch from this composter has already been spread on the berry bushes.

In addition to tomato seedlings, lettuce, stem broccoli, broad bean and summer flower seedlings grow in the greenhouse.

The broad bean became our big favorite when we got bean seedlings two years ago. The bean turned out to grow very well, yield and be delicious, so now it is one of our standard vegetables.

The biggest chore of spring is building a rabbit fence. I already bought the necessities last summer, but I didn’t get to work in time enough, and the ground became too hard.

Now I have already managed to install a quarter of the fence in a couple of days, and the work will continue as long as I have time again. I dig the fence into the ground, and also turn the bottom edge of the fence so-called in the direction of the rabbits, so that they don’t dig under it.

The porch is full of all kinds of flowers that Mrs. will plant in the yard in the next few weeks.


Oh, and a fig! It wintered inside the cabin, where we keep the temperature around 5 degrees in the winter, and to our delight it woke up in the spring. Looks like we’ll get a few figs of our own this year too!

Excited to see what kind of summer this will be like. There are a few summers that are far too hot and dry, and I wish it would be a little cooler and suitably rainy. At the moment, it looks quite promising in that regard.