A sheet bag has many benefits that you do not immediately think about when choosing sleeping equipment. A sheet bag can both function as a sleeping bag alone, or extend the life of the sleeping bag. Are you in doubt whether you should buy yourself a sheet bag? So read our guide on everything you should know about sheet bags.

What is a sheet bag?

A sheet bag is very similar to a sleeping bag in its appearance, and is available as sleeping bags in different variants. The sheet bag is thinner than the sleeping bag, and can therefore be used as an insert in it to ensure you extra warmth. Using a sheet bag inside your sleeping bag is also good for hygiene, as you can wash the sheet bag and at the same time avoid making the sleeping bag dirty.

Sheet bag and warmer climate

It is not just in cooler temperatures that the sheet bag is a good supplement. You can advantageously use the sheet bag in tropical climates, where the night temperature is relatively high. The thin and comfortable fabric will make it easier to get a good night’s sleep compared to, for example, a large sleeping bag. As a traveler, you often stay in hostels or hotels that may be less hygienic. Here, the sleeping bag acts as a protective layer against, for example, bed lice and other insects .


What types of sheet bags are there?

Choice of fabric type is individual according to comfort and use situation. You can get sheet bags in several different types, with the most popular types:

  • Sheet bag in cotton
  • Layer bag in fleece
  • Layer bag in silk
  • Lagen bag in polycotton

Cotton – the breathable material

Why is cotton good?

Cotton is a strong material that can withstand washing. It is a breathable substance that is good at absorbing the moisture the body releases during sleep. This makes cotton comfortable to wear. Cotton is one of the more allergy-friendly types of fabric and is often recommended for people with skin allergies. The fabric works well against heat in summer and cold in winter.

Fleece – the insulating material

Why is fleece good?

Fleece is a quick-drying fabric that provides good insulation against cold. These properties make the fabric good to sleep in when the climate is cool. Another advantage of fleece is that the fabric is durable which makes it long-lasting. The thickness of the fabric makes it soft and comfortable to wear.   

Silk – the cooling luxury material

Why is silk good?

Silk is an allergy-friendly fabric that is comfortable to wear. It is ideal for tropical nights as it is cooling and sweat transporting. Silk is a light fabric which means that it does not take up so much space in the backpack. The price of silk is higher, and can therefore be described as a more luxurious fabric.

Polycotton – the golden mean

Why is polycotton good?

Polycotton is a blend of polyester and cotton. This makes the fabric durable and breathable and thus has a long life. It is a fabric you often make bedding in and is therefore easy to wash and keep clean. For the same reason, it feels soft and comfortable against the skin.

Lagen bag
A sheet bag gives you extra warmth on the cool nights.

Forms of sheet bags

Sheet bags are available in different shapes depending on the degree of preference. The most popular are:

  • Mummy shaped sheet bag
  • Square sheet bag

The mummy shape has the advantages that it better insulates and keeps the heat close to your body. If, on the other hand, you choose a square sheet bag, you will have good freedom of movement, especially at the legs. As there is more space in the square ones, it also means that they are longer about being heated versus the mummy shaped sheet bags. Some sheet bags can be zipped up at the bottom so that they can also act as a blanket.

What characterizes a good sheet bag?

The good sheet bag is an individual assessment. It depends on both the climate in which it is to be used and your need for freedom of movement. It is also important to think into its sleeping system. If you have to spend the night in a cool climate, the sheet bag alone cannot save you. You will be helped along the way by an insulating sleeping pad, which keeps the cold away from below.

In many cases, a layer of clothes and socks will also be needed to supplement the sleeping bag and the sheet bag. The good sheet bag can thus be part of a larger whole. In warmer climates, in its simplicity, it can be abundant. Here, the good sheet bag is more breathable and, as needed, allows movement or can be zipped up completely.

Why choose a sheet bag?

As mentioned, a sheet bag can be used as a good supplement in cool and warm climates. In both cases, you will achieve great benefits in terms of hygiene, but also be extra protected from cold, heat, bed lice and other insects.

You will also drastically extend the life of your sleeping bag, as with the sheet bag as an insert you avoid dragging dirt into the sleeping bag and thus do not have to wash it. The sheet bag will feel like an extra duvet in the sleeping bag and provide a few extra degrees. As a rule of thumb, you can say that the sheet bag makes your primary sleeping bag up to 5 degrees warmer. Conversely, a thin sheet bag will be lovely on the tropical nights.