For us, North Zealand has long been a must do on our list of areas we must experience in Denmark. It is a 3 hour drive from our home near Herning – but the beautiful castles and fantastic natural areas we came across, made the whole drive worthwhile. So, what are you going to see in North Zealand? We’ll tell you that here.

For many (at least us Jews), North Zealand is associated with expensive addresses and people with a lot of money. But, even though North Zealand is extravagant in many respects, some absolutely fantastic experiences await here – also for Mr. and Mrs. Denmark.

Kronborg Castle – UNESCO World Heritage Site

After watching all the broadcasts with the Beha family, we have long agreed that Kronborg should be experienced before we travel the world again with a camper. We did not regret it for a single moment, as Kronborg must be said to be located at one of the most beautiful addresses in Denmark.

Kronborg castle

We arrived just before sunrise on a Friday morning and could therefore quietly enjoy the light breaking forth from the darkness from the other side of the Sound. It was completely magical, as we honestly felt that just by a short swim we could get a little abroad – too much further away Sweden is not from Kronborg – the location therefore (funny enough) also makes very good sense.

Because we were there so early, we did not come in and visit the magnificent Holger Danske. However, we had a really good trip and aired the drone (over water – not in the facility) instead. It is highly recommended, and if you need a little more persuasion, then Kronborg Castle is actually also on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has been since 2000.

Kronborg Castle sunrise

It is because it is one of Northern Europe’s most significant Renaissance castles. So feel free to take the trip to Elsinore – it’s all worth it.

Frederiksborg Castle

Now that we were still in the process of visiting castles, we could just as well continue the trip to Frederiksborg Castle, which we had seen in the pictures was a nice nice castle. By driving well in advance from Kronborg, we hoped that we could get some of the beautiful morning light, a magical mirror and the garden to ourselves.

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød

The latter did not go so well when we hit the Schools’ Exercise Day – all students in Hillerød therefore had to pass Frederiksborg Castle shortly after we arrived. A bit annoying, but we still managed to get some absolutely amazing pictures up from the garden thanks to Steffan’s creative abilities and thoughts.

Frederiksborg Castle

Just like at Kronborg, Frederiksborg was not open to visitors either, because we were there so early. So here too we did not get inside in the heat. However, it is also not needed, as the castle garden and the surroundings themselves are overwhelming and extravagant – it is therefore an experience in itself to walk around and look at it from the outside.

Spodsbjerg Lighthouse

Granted – we have something with the lighthouse. Therefore, of course, we also had to pass one in North Zealand. It then became Spodsbjerg Lighthouse, as we have seen pictures of it several times and think that it stands out from the many other lighthouses in Denmark.

Spodsbjerg Lighthouse

With its small height and charming colors at the top, it is perfect for photography, and it is simply so nicely situated there on the moraine, which rises dramatically by the coast. It was a bit like being by the North Sea, the way the surroundings were. If you therefore like the lighthouse, we can definitely recommend driving here. It is located a good distance from Hillerød, but it is worth the trip, as the air is fresh and the sky is high.

Spodsbjerg Lighthouse

Great Zoo – UNESCO World Heritage Site

The last stop in North Zealand was Store Dyrehave. Not because we wanted to hunt deer, but because the forest here is something very special, which is why it is also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Large Zoo - Parforce hunting

In the 17th century, Christian IV laid out the forest with 8 roads, all of which emanate from the royal star in the middle. The forest was thus laid out for Parforce hunting, which is a form of hunting in which the prey is exhausted before it is killed. Of course, the king had people to do this work for him – and when the animal was exhausted, yes, he could kill the animal with a deer catcher.