There are several different types of tents for outdoor and travel, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all types of tents will suit the type of trip you are planning to go on . We would therefore recommend that you make it clear to yourself how to use the tent. This applies both to where you have to travel, how long you have to be away, whether it is the first time you have to go and how many there must be room for in the tent.

Which tent should I choose?

There are three types of tents, which are the most common in travel and outdoor contexts. Below you will find out more about what characterizes the different types and which trips each tent is particularly suitable for.

Dome tent

This type of tent is also called a dome tent . You can know it by the fact that it is shaped like a dome. The tent stands without pegs, and is instead held upright by two poles, which cross each other in an arc. The dome tent is therefore free, but you can advantageously stretch it out with cords and pegs for more stability .

There is plenty of space in the dome tent due to a high center. It is an advantage if you have a lot of luggage with you, but also if it becomes necessary for you to stay in the tent for a longer period of time, for example due to bad weather.
The tent consists of an inner tent, which can also be used alone. It can be really smart if you have to spend the night in the tent in a warm climate so that the tent does not get so hot inside. When you need more heat or better protection against wind and weather, you can pitch an outer tent outside the inner tent. Thus, the dome tent can be used in most kinds of weather.

The tent is easy to set up, which makes it easy to take with you when you are on a trip. However, you should be aware that not all dome or dome tents are lightweight. If you are going on a hiking or backpacking trip, where you have to carry your pack for a long time, it can be heavy.

Dome tent
The dome tent can stand without pegs. You can therefore set it up in most places

Tunnel tent

The tunnel tent is typically a larger tent, which has an elongated shape. There are tunnel tents in several weight classes, but most are relatively heavy. In addition, tunnel tents take a little longer to set up than smaller tents. Tunnel tents are super good to bring on road trips or for outdoor trips, where the tent must be in the same place for several nights .
There is plenty of space in the tunnel tent. It is therefore an obvious tent to choose if you are going with a group of friends or family. There is plenty of space for luggage, as the tunnel tea is divided by separate sleeping cabins and a large room in the middle, which can be used for storage or as a living room when it comes to cozying up in the evening.
It is necessary to use pegs to pitch the tunnel tent. You must therefore be aware that you cannot pitch the tent on hard or rocky surfaces.

Tunnel tent
Tunnel tents are great for trips where you spend the night in the same places for several nights in a row


Are you looking for a tent with good spaciousness, especially large floor space, or a tent where you can stand upright? The tipi tent meets these requirements, and can therefore be an obvious offer. The tent is erected by a pole in the middle, which holds the entire tent. The construction gives you the good floor space, so you can have luggage inside the tent and stay in there without any problems .
You can find tipi tents, which are lightweight and which will therefore be suitable for both hiking and backpacking trips, where you have to carry the tent. The tipi tent is also ideal for excursions with family or friends, where you can get the feeling of a little luxury, due to the tent’s good space. If you want to camp and stay there for several nights, the tipi tent is also perfect.

You may also know the tipi tent as a pyramid tent . It can either have the shape of a pyramid, or have a round shape, which you may associate the tipi tent with from the Indians.
The tent needs pegs to stand stably.

Tipi tent
The tipi tent, with its spaciousness, is good for trips with friends or family

Pop-up tent

We have mentioned the three common tent types, but will as a fourth option introduce you to the pop-up tent. It is not obvious to use if you need to hike or backpack. If, on the other hand, you need a tent for a festival, the beach or an overnight stay in the garden, a pop-up tent is a good bet . The advantage of the pop-up tent is that in a split second you have a tent to spend the night in. The tent is set up by you throwing it up in the air, where it “pops out”. So it is super easy and fast to get your sleeping space ready. On the other hand, you have to compromise a little on comfort and space.