We landed in Bangkok on Christmas Eve and had many more plans for how the day would go than we had hours to use. The city is gigantic and has the most confusing road system, so we had to spend part of the day locating and booking the three most important things: Hotel, restaurant and Thai boxing.

1. Christmas luxury
Bangkok is overloaded with hotels, so it is easy to find large delicious rooms in beautiful hotels for a cheap price. We therefore booked nothing less than an apartment of 70 m2 in the city’s new, trendy neighborhood, Sukhumvit. And we felt a bit like pop stars when we checked in. The apartment is gorgeous, the location is perfect and the pool on the roof terrace offers a beautiful view of the skyline. Oops, this place was a Christmas present in itself!

2. The Christmas food
We pretty much agreed that if you still do not hold a traditional Christmas Eve, then you might as well go all the way. We therefore grabbed a table at a sushi restaurant that has been voted the best in town for a few years in a row. Hallelujah, it tasted good! The chef’s signature dish was a sushi sandwich. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else. But YES, that was it. It was just like the angels came down and sang next to us every time we took a bite… Christmas and go home!

3. Evening entertainment
Martin has his own tradition on Christmas Eve, where he watches a very specific Christmas movie. But even if you immediately know everything in the city, you still can not find a TV channel that broadcasts “Dad’s cool Christmas holiday”. The evening’s entertainment therefore had to be of a completely different nature – and what’s more obvious than watching Thai boxing? We bought two tickets right down by the ring, so we were sure that blind Mette could see the little men and that Martin got it all on his own widescreen. And are you whining, I just have to promise that we got it all. For 3 hours we saw the Thais thrashing each other… It was top class entertainment.

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