When I took part in the 2019 Asia Super Team event in Taiwan some time ago, I just realized that Taiwan has many interesting tourist spots!

So in between hunting for boba drinks, you can go to these places haha! Btw, if you don’t know, those are all boba drinks like chatime, koi, tiger sugar, kokumi, all from Taiwan, man!

Oh yes, Asia Super Team is a competition between companies in Asia. A kind of amazing race where the games require teamwork. It’s a kind of team building games in an office outing. So exciting!

1. Hidden Gem in Old Town Wanhua District, Bopiliao Old Street (剝皮寮老街)

Wanhua is the district where the ‘old city’ of Taipei is located. Well, this Bopiliao used to be the main road used for trade during the Qing Dynasty, especially for trading coal.

Uniquely the architecture here is very varied. A mixture of Taiwanese, Qing Dynasty, Japanese (because Japan also occupied this area), Western, and Chinese architecture. Very unique isn’t it?

On one corner of Bopiliao street, there is a shop and workshop for making traditional signboards which are used for shop/tavern/business signs. So this is the first challenge from Asia Super Team, participants are required to make their own company signboard! 

Walking around the Bopiliau area feels like going back in time. There are several old movie posters as decorations. Several murals can also be seen here. The place is not too crowded and of course instagram-able!


2. See the Flying Relaxing Cultural Attraction on Daxi Old Street

Daxi District is famous for its dried tofu. A kind of tofu skin that is slightly dark brown in color and has a firmer texture than regular tofu skin. But actually there is something else that makes Daxi better known, namely the art of Santaizi.

Santaizi is a kind of Taiwanese drama art performance in which the performers use cosplay of various Taiwanese heroes and urban legend characters.

At the Fu Ren Temple, which is located on Daxi Old Street, the Asia Super Team participants are required to wear costumes and demonstrate several relaxing moves. But not an ordinary Santaizi, but a flying ones! So participants will be lifted by the usual crane for construction activities. Ropes are tied to the participants as if they were going to wall climb. This is so funny :))


3. Enjoy Taiwanese souvenirs at Xinpu: Persimmon!

In Taiwan persimmon is very used. It’s even a fun snack souvenir. Now, in the process of processing this snack, the persimmon must be peeled. The remaining peel is used for dyeing clothes!

In the DLPH, the dye process with persimmon produces a dark brown color which tends to be orange which is slightly muted. It’s a bit pastel, it’s really pretty. Here we are challenged to create interesting motifs by tying the cloth in such a way as to form a pattern.

Location : Jin Han Persimmon Dried TW

4. Learn to play the saxophone in a place that makes 50% of the world’s Saxophones

In this saxophone LC there are museums, shops, even a stage for saxophone performances. This place has been around since 1945 and is a pioneer in the industry for making this very sensual musical instrument.

The Saxophone Museum here is the only one in Asia. The collection is amazingly complete. This is where the last Asia Super Team challenge was held. The challenge sounds very easy, which is to sound do re mi fa sol la si do with the saxophone! It turned out to be incredibly difficult and the noise the participants made, had us laughing out loud!