Before traveling to Croatia, we had heard slightly hair-raising stories about the daring driving style of the locals. And our worries did not exactly diminish when the car rental company gave us insider tips.

Don’t drink and drive. Drink and then drive.  The words came from a slightly flooded guy from the car emission company when he handed Martin the keys to a white Golf. We had just arrived at Pula Airport after a slightly longer journey, where we had to wait to get from Copenhagen with another plane. The first had been struck by lightning.

The message from the staff was that the lightning had caused a technical error, so they chose to wait for another machine. Um, ok! Or which ‘fan’ should one respond to that? Sometimes less information is actually preferable.

Back in the parking lot in Pula, the car guy Martin sent a glance as if they had a common code and special knowledge of how to tackle the traffic on the Croatian roads. In the luggage we already had several friends ‘stories about the Croatians’ aggressive driving style. And the guide to alcohol driving did not make expectations less action-packed.

Now we have been in Croatia for two days. We have traveled about 300 kilometers, and so far the traffic anecdotes we have brought with us have been the most colorful. The roads are super good and the local drivers drive much nicer than what we are used to from home. Maybe a (involuntary) continuation will follow later… We still have 12 days to go. Carpe diem!

Road trip Croatia Road trip Croatia Road trip Croatia