6 tips for good eating habits

How often should you eat? Well… It can actually be quite individual, but at Ubberup Højskole we work based on different guidelines in our diet and nutrition subject.
Here we have boiled them down to 6 points that you can be inspired by if you think it can be hard to feel how it is best for you to eat.

Appreciate “being hungry”

Being hungry is one of the best spices you can add to your food. You may have experienced being on a hike and being well basically hungry. Then even the flattest packed lunch turns into lovely mouthfuls. It is good to be hungry up to your meals, but there is a difference between being hungry and starving.

Avoid starving yourself

If you only eat e.g. 1-2 times a day, it can be experienced as if the body is going into a kind of hibernation. You enter a vicious spiral where you feel like eating sweet and fat to awaken the body. But the result is only that the body wakes up for a short while, to then go to sleep again – and then again will want cream buns and french fries


Eat regularly: 4-6 meals a day

To get energy in everyday life, you should preferably eat regularly: 4 to 6 nutritious meals a day, divided into 3 main meals and 1-3 snacks. It creates a stable blood sugar, which acknowledges that you feel fresh and have energy throughout the day for both work, family and leisure.

Plan your meals

It is crucial that you make your own fixed plan for your meals – a practical plan that fits into your everyday life. Prioritize your breakfast so you get off to a good start, and then distribute your meals evenly throughout the day. The planned meals help to prevent you from becoming deliciously hungry in the afternoon or in the evening and a little too often come to lift the lid to the candy bowl.

Shop for up to a week at a time

Set aside time – for example Sunday – to make a meal plan, a shopping list and to shop so you have food for the coming week. This minimizes the risk that you will be tempted to buy ‘something delicious’ on several weekly shopping trips. Download e.g. inspiration for the meal plan in our popular cookbooks.

Label the food as you eat

Which bite of a delicious dessert tastes best? The first or the last? Most people can probably agree that the first bite, where the senses are completely open to taste impressions, is the best. The last bite or third serving does not provide the same satisfaction. If you work on giving yourself a little better time to eat your food, then you are also giving your body time to register when it has had enough.

Take it one step at a time – and have fun implementing healthy eating habits into your daily routine.